The aftermath of a fire can be a stressful time for a homeowner. At Paul Davis, one of our core services is fire damage restoration. For over four decades, Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling has restored countless homes damaged by fire.

We’ll do everything we can to arrive on-site within 4 hours. Do you need help right now? Just use the “Get Help Now!” button on the right side of this page if you need help as soon as possible.

After quickly arriving at your home we’ll offer the following fire and smoke damage services:

  • Estimates and help with your insurance company
  • Complete cleanup, which includes clearing out all harmful chemical residues
  • Elimination of smoke odor
  • {Structural drying using the latest in water extraction technology to completely dry moisture resulting from water used to put out the fire}

Why is using a certified fire and smoke damage restoration firm important?
Fire, soot, and smoke each cause damage in their unique way. Restoring and cleaning up a house after a fire is a long process. Smoke has the ability to reach far into every nook and cranny. After a fire soot can cling to almost every surface. Waiting to begin work or calling a firm without legitimate certifications and experience can lead to higher costs for incompetent repairs.

Your quick-responding, qualified clean up and restoration technicians from Paul Davis have the experience and know-how to take care of any problem caused by a fire.

What should you do?
Most importantly, secure the safety of your family. We have more advice *here.

Why Paul Davis?
Training and experience are essential to effective fire and smoke restoration and repairs. Paul Davis is ready to complete any fire restoration job. And you won’t regret choosing experience.