San Marcos Fire Damage Restoration

Experiencing a house fire, no matter how small, can be an inconceivable experience. At Paul Davis in San Marcos, CA, we’ve been offering fire damage restoration services for years. Over the past four decades, Paul Davis has helped tens of thousands of homeowners restore their property back to health.

We are committed to respond within 30 minutes and at your home within 4 hours. If you require urgent help, please call us or use the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above.

Here are just a few of the restoration services we offer once we arrive at your home:

  • An estimate for your insurance company
  • Emergency cleanup including grime elimination and chemical residues to prevent further damage
  • Documentation and restoration of family heirlooms, upholstery, and any other damaged goods
  • {Structural moisture elimination using the latest water extraction equipment to efficiently dry moisture resulting from water used to extinguish the fire}

Why is using a certified fire and smoke damage restoration firm important?
Heat isn’t the only harmful agent during a fire and cleaning up and repairing wide-spread damage is a complex process. Smoke can infiltrate far beyond the burned area, into wall cavities and the attic, leaving behind pungent odors that can linger for a long period of time. Following a fire, soot can cover almost every surface. Hiring a company without relevant certification to complete full fire restoration can be a costly mistake.

Your quick-responding, certified cleanup and fire restoration experts from Paul Davis in San Marcos, CA have the know-how to fix any issue due to a fire.

What should you do?
First, secure the protection of the home’s occupants. Go here* to learn more information regarding fire safety.

Why Paul Davis?
Training and experience are the keys to complete fire and smoke restoration and repairs. Paul Davis in San Marcos, CA is ready to take on any fire restoration job. You won’t regret choosing Paul Davis.